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 Cashtil is a SourceForge project: (cashutil).


Subversion access

Repository URLs

The various base URLs look like:


Common SVN commands

Initial checkout

svn co cashutil


svn update

svn tutorial

The online manual "Version Control with Subversion" is a very good resource for information about subversion.

See, Chapter 3. Guided Tour and Appendix A. Subversion for CVS Users.

The command-line client "svn" has an integrated help system; "svn help" which will provide the top-level command list, and "svn help <command>" which provides detailed help for a specific command.

How do I get developer access?

Submit patches to the QOF-devel mailing list (as attachments, compressed if appropriate). If these work out, you can be considered for developer access.



Copyright © 2005, 2006 Neil Williams

Bugs or problem reports to: QOF-devel mailing list.