CashUtil is the command line interface for GnuCash - intended to provide full access to as many GnuCash features as can be implemented in a command line environment. CashUtil supports SQL-type queries and writing results to QSF XML to support external report scripts / tools. It also includes the prototype QOF interactive shell and limited undo capability.

QOF is Query Object Framework, an established abstraction layer in C that enables queries and interchange of complex data - spun-out from GnuCash. QSF is the XML file backend for QOF, newly written for this project but using a backend framework already in use in GnuCash.

QOF v0.6.0 is required for CashUtil.

CashUtil homepage:

See also, PilotQOF:

For information on QOF, see:

For updated information on the latest QOF source, see:

For information on the QOF XML backend, QSF, see:

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