cashutil File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
account-logic.c [code]
account-logic.h [code]
Account.c [code]
Account.h [code]Account handling public routines
backend-bus.c [code]
backend-bus.h [code]
cap-gains.c [code]Utilities to Automatically Compute Capital Gains/Losses
cap-gains.h [code]Utilities to Automatically Compute Capital Gains/Losses
cashobjects.c [code]
cashobjects.h [code]
cashutil.c [code]Command line interface
cashutil.h [code]A Command line interface to GnuCash data
doxygen_main_page.c [code]
FreqSpec.c [code]
FreqSpec.h [code]Period / Date Frequency Specification
glib-compat.h [code]
gnc-account-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-address-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-address-xml-v2.h [code]
gnc-associate-account.c [code]
gnc-associate-account.h [code]
gnc-backend-api.h [code]
gnc-backend-file.c [code]Load and save data to files
gnc-backend-file.h [code]Load and save data to files
gnc-bill-term-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-bill-term-xml-v2.h [code]
gnc-book-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-budget-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-budget.c [code]
gnc-budget.h [code]GnuCash Budgets
gnc-commodity-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-commodity.c [code]
gnc-commodity.h [code]Commodity handling public routines
gnc-customer-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-customer-xml-v2.h [code]
gnc-employee-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-employee-xml-v2.h [code]
gnc-engine.h [code]All type declarations for the whole Gnucash engine
gnc-entry-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-entry-xml-v2.h [code]
gnc-event.h [code]
gnc-filepath-utils.c [code]
gnc-filepath-utils.h [code]File path resolutionutilities
gnc-freqspec-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-gconf-utils.c [code]
gnc-gconf-utils.h [code]GConf helper routines
gnc-gdate-utils.c [code]
gnc-gdate-utils.h [code]GDate helper routines
gnc-glib-utils.c [code]
gnc-glib-utils.h [code]Glib helper routines
gnc-invoice-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-invoice-xml-v2.h [code]
gnc-job-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-job-xml-v2.h [code]
gnc-lot-p.h [code]
gnc-lot-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-lot.c [code]
gnc-lot.h [code]
gnc-main.c [code]
gnc-main.h [code]
gnc-order-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-order-xml-v2.h [code]
gnc-owner-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-owner-xml-v2.h [code]
gnc-pricedb-p.h [code]
gnc-pricedb-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-pricedb.c [code]
gnc-pricedb.h [code]Simple price database for gnucash
gnc-recurrence-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-schedxaction-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-tax-table-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-tax-table-xml-v2.h [code]
gnc-transaction-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-vendor-xml-v2.c [code]
gnc-vendor-xml-v2.h [code]
gnc-xml-helper.h [code]
gnc-xml.h [code]
gncAddress.c [code]
gncAddress.h [code]Address object
gncBillTerm.c [code]
gncBillTerm.h [code]Billing Term interface
gncCustomer.c [code]
gncCustomer.h [code]Core Customer Interface
gncEmployee.c [code]
gncEmployee.h [code]Employee Interface
gncEntry.c [code]
gncEntry.h [code]Business Entry Interface
gncInvoice.c [code]
gncInvoice.h [code]Business Invoice Interface
gncJob.c [code]
gncJob.h [code]Job Interface
gncla-dir.h [code]
gncOrder.c [code]
gncOrder.h [code]
gncOwner.c [code]
gncOwner.h [code]Business Interface: Object OWNERs
gncTaxTable.c [code]
gncTaxTable.h [code]Tax Table programming interface
gncVendor.c [code]
gncVendor.h [code]Vendor Interface
Group.c [code]
Group.h [code]Account handling public routines
io-example-account.c [code]
io-example-account.h [code]
io-gncbin-r.c [code]
io-gncbin.h [code]
io-gncxml-gen.c [code]
io-gncxml-gen.h [code]
io-gncxml-v1.c [code]
io-gncxml-v2.c [code]
io-gncxml-v2.h [code]Api for GnuCash version 2 XML-based file format
io-gncxml.h [code]Api for Version 1 XML-based file format
io-utils.c [code]
io-utils.h [code]
iso-4217-currencies.c [code]
messages.c [code]
messages.h [code]National-language messages for GnuCash
Period.c [code]
Period.h [code]Implement accounting periods, as per design in src/doc/books.txt
policy-p.h [code]Implement Accounting Policy Private header File
policy.c [code]Implement FIFO Accounting Policy
policy.h [code]Implement Accounting Policy
qof-main.c [code]Common functions for the QOF external framework
qof-main.h [code]Common functions for the QOF external framework
qof-shell.c [code]Common shell functions for the QOF external framework
qof-shell.h [code]Shell functions for the QOF external framework CLI
qoflogic-p.h [code]
qoflogic.c [code]
qoflogic.h [code]Logic handlers for the QOF external framework
qofundo-p.h [code]
qofundo.c [code]
qofundo.h [code]Experimental QOF undo handling
Query.c [code]
Query.h [code]
QueryCore.h [code]
QueryNew.h [code]
QueryObject.h [code]
Recurrence.c [code]
Recurrence.h [code]
SchedXaction.c [code]
SchedXaction.h [code]Scheduled Transactions public handling routines
Scrub.c [code]
Scrub.h [code]Convert single-entry accounts to clean double-entry
Scrub2.c [code]Utilities to Convert Stock Accounts to use Lots
Scrub2.h [code]Utilities to Convert Stock Accounts to use Lots
Scrub3.c [code]Constrain Cap Gains to Track Sources of Gains
Scrub3.h [code]Hiogh-Level API for imposing Lot constraints
sixtp-dom-generators.c [code]
sixtp-dom-generators.h [code]
sixtp-dom-parsers.c [code]
sixtp-dom-parsers.h [code]
sixtp-parsers.h [code]
sixtp-stack.c [code]
sixtp-stack.h [code]
sixtp-to-dom-parser.c [code]
sixtp-utils.c [code]
sixtp-utils.h [code]
sixtp.c [code]
sixtp.h [code]
Split.c [code]
Split.h [code]API for Transactions and Splits (journal entries)
SX-book-p.h [code]
SX-book.c [code]
SX-book.h [code]Anchor Scheduled Transaction info in a book. See src/doc/books.txt for design overview
SX-ttinfo.c [code]
SX-ttinfo.h [code]
test-address.c [code]
test-book-merge.c [code]
test-cash.c [code]Test routines for the CLI
test-cash.h [code]
test-commodities.c [code]
test-customer.c [code]
test-dom-converters1.c [code]
test-employee.c [code]
test-engine-strings.h [code]
test-engine-stuff.c [code]Tools to set up random, but finanically consistent books. Create transactions with random values, random accounts, random account heirarchies, etc
test-engine-stuff.h [code]
test-file-stuff.c [code]
test-file-stuff.h [code]
test-freq-spec.c [code]
test-group-vs-book.c [code]
test-guid.c [code]
test-job.c [code]
test-link.c [code]
test-load-engine.c [code]
test-lots.c [code]Minimal test to see if automatic lot scrubbing works
test-numeric.c [code]
test-object.c [code]
test-period.c [code]
test-query.c [code]
test-querynew.c [code]
test-split-vs-account.c [code]
test-stuff.c [code]
test-stuff.h [code]
test-transaction-reversal.c [code]
test-transaction-voiding.c [code]
test-vendor.c [code]
test-xml-pricedb.c [code]
test-xml-transaction.c [code]
Transaction.c [code]
Transaction.h [code]API for Transactions and Splits (journal entries)
TransLog.c [code]
TransLog.h [code]API for the transaction logger
xml-helpers.h [code]

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