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 Cashtil is a SourceForge project: (cashutil).


CashUtil: Examples

CashUtil uses an interactive shell to add, edit, delete and export data. GnuCash XML v2 files and QSF XML files can be loaded into the shell. The shell will also merge an external QSF file into the currently loaded book and will also be used in PilotQOF.

Example 1:

$ cashutil --shell
cashutil> load ./gnucashdata.xml
cashutil> add Account
cash/Account> edit desc "test description string"
cash/Account> commit
cashutil> write
cashutil> quit

Example 2:

Create a simple text file that imitates the shell commands:

# this is a comment.
load books/gnucash.xml
add Account
edit desc "New Asset account"
edit account-type ASSET
edit name Assets
edit code 0054

Use the --shell-script mode to load the text file:

$ cashutil --shell-script shell.txt

Any sequence of shell commands that you can enter using --shell can be scripted using --shell-script. cashutil will warn you if commands are unrecognised, use the wrong parameter names or are used in the wrong sequence.

Example 3:

Use shorthand query options, just as with pilot-qof.

$ cashutil -x expenses.xml -t 2004-05
$ cashutil -x gnucash.xml -d gncAddress
$ cashutil -x gnucash.xml -d Split -t 2005-02


Copyright © 2005,2006 Neil Williams

Bugs or problem reports to: QOF-devel mailing list.