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 Cashtil is a SourceForge project: (cashutil).


CashUtil Status Page

Last updated: 28-5-2007

In response to the occasional query, this page is designed to set out where cashutil is now and what is being done.

  1. CashUtil is pre-alpha. Please see the problems page for detailed information on the current problems.
  2. Current version: v0.1.4
  3. gpe-cash is alpha (v0.0.1 is in SVN).
  4. "Roadmap":
    • Fix the issues highlighted in the problems page.
    • Complete the interactive shell
    • Make a usable first release.
  5. Contact: Please use the QOF-devel mailing list.
  6. CashUtil is not dead, it just needs some structural work, which is underway.
  7. The cashutil branch in gnucash svn is badly broken and is now dead. CashUtil is now a SourceForge project and will remain outside gnucash svn.
  8. Yes, this is the "official" cashutil site!. It's the only site being updated with cashutil as time allows but as cashutil is not ready for a mainstream release, it is a bit early to make an official release.
  9. CashUtil users: CashUtil is NOT ready for users at this time, it should NOT be used with important data and you cannot necessarily rely on the output of cashutil at this time.
  10. Future of cashutil: The final location of this project is now settled: SourceForge.
  11. Can I help? YES. CashUtil needs helpers, developers, testers, brave users who are prepared to investigate problems and suggest fixes (preferably patches) and proponents who can help decide the future of the programme. All discussion should be on the QOF-devel mailing list (which is very low volume). This is a critical phase for cashutil - decisions made now will permanently affect the development of the utility. If you want a say, speak up now.


Copyright © 2005,2006 Neil Williams

Bugs or problem reports to: QOF-devel mailing list.